5 Ways to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Winters in the Pacific Northwest are dark, long and wet. Each year, while waiting for the end of winter rains, people in Southwest Washington dream of spring. They look forward to the time when they can get back outside, enjoying warm sun and long days. If this sounds like you, beat the winter doldrums with these five ways to get your yard ready for spring.

5 ways to get your yard ready for spring

1: Add a fence

The right fence will enhance the natural beauty of your yard and add an extra level of protection and privacy to the property. Look at which kind of fencing materials you would enjoy most. Choose a material and style which works well with the architecture of your home. Vinyl fences are available in a range of looks and have the advantage of being low-maintenance. Cedar fences are a natural choice. Chain link and ornamental metal are also options.

2: Build a deck

5-Ways-to-Get-Your-Yard-Ready-for-Spring-2A new deck is a great investment and will provide you with years of enjoyment. A well-designed deck offers a space to entertain. It’s also the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors, all in the comfort of your own yard. Research your materials to see what you prefer. While wood is a traditional deck material, there are also manmade deck options. They can be a good choice for those who don’t want to clean, refinish or replace wood boards.

3: Incorporate new plants and garden beds

New plants are the perfect way to create beauty around your property. Before you plant, take stock of your yard. Determine the sun and shade patterns. Take a sample of your soil to a local nursery and get it tested. Once you know the composition of your soil, your nursery can help you choose soil amendments and plants. You can also consider gardening in containers and raised beds. Raised beds are ideal for growing vegetables, flowers and other annuals.

4: Add a focal point

Once you’ve planted some new things in your yard, enhance it even more by creating a focal point with a fountain, sculpture, trellis or a comfortable seating area. These can be great ways to make your yard stand out even more.

5: Put in a path

Adding a path is both practical and decorative. Assess your yard and determine where a path makes sense. You can build a walkway from cement, stones, gravel, bark or dirt. In most cases, a curved path looks better than a straight one.

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