Advantages of Building With Western Red Cedar

Are you looking for the best wood for your Clark County deck or fence? Western Red Cedar is your top choice. We build all our wood decks and fences with this sustainable, Pacific Northwest native. With so many woods to choose from, why is cedar our pick? Cedar is the ideal material to withstand the wet weather in Vancouver and Portland. Here’s why.

It Rains a Lot in the Pacific Northwest

Western Red Cedar Vancouver WAWestern Red Cedar resists rot. That’s important when you’re building an outdoor structure anywhere in Western Washington or Oregon. Portland averages around 36 inches of rain annually. Vancouver and Camas have about 38 inches every year. If you live in Yacolt, you may get as much 80 inches of annual rainfall. Most of the area’s precipitation falls between November and March. Decks and fences around here spend nearly half a year in wet conditions.

Cedar’s ability to stand up to moisture is one reason it’s so durable. Cedar trees produce thujaplicin. This crystalline compound has fungicidal properties that protect the wood from decay. A cedar structure typically lasts from 10 to 30 years.

Cedar doesn’t require a finish to resist rotting, however, you may choose to apply a sealer. Waterproofing can prevent the material from cracking and warping.

Insects Hate Cedar

Red Cedar Fence Camas WAHave you ever wondered why high-end closets and storage chests are lined with cedar? Compounds in cedar repel insects that damage fabric. They also repel insects that bore into wood. Cedar fences and decks don’t need to be treated with harsh chemical insecticides because nature has provided the lumber with an eco-friendly way to discourage insects. The distinctive aroma of cedar smells great to most people, but insects hate it.

Cedar Is Always in Style

Cedar looks more beautiful as the years pass. New lumber has a reddish tint that takes on a gray patina as it weathers. Whether you live in the outskirts of Camas or the heart of Portland, the natural beauty of cedar will enhance the style of your home and garden.

No-Fuss Maintenance

Cedar is easy to care for. Clean your deck or fence about once a year. Spring is a good time to wash cedar, especially if winter has left its mark on the wood. Keep climbing vines off your deck and fence and sprinklers pointed away to extend the life of the wood.

Cascade Fence and Deck will work with you to design the perfect cedar deck or fence. Our professional staff takes pride in friendly service and quality work. Contact us today to learn how Western Red Cedar can enhance the beauty of your Clark County or Portland-area property.