Battle Ground, WA

The city is ironically named for the absence of a battle. In 1855 many of the soldiers at nearby Fort Vancouver were away fighting an uprising by the Yakima Indian tribe. Nervous settlers organized a company of volunteers to guard the undermanned fort. Fearing that the friendly Klickitat Tribe on the Lewis River would join the uprising, the volunteers ordered them into the Vancouver Barracks near the fort.When some of the Klickitats escaped, Captain William Strong, the post commander, led a detachment of volunteers to bring them back. They overtook the Klickitats near the current location of the city, but rather than engaging them in battle, Captain Strong talked them into agreeing to return to the fort peacefully.

With Battle Ground being so close to Vancouver, news of our outstanding customer service and excellent fencing and decking floated in. We have a few builder contracts in the area, and continue to provide top notch fencing wherever we may be. Most of the wood fences we have completed in this area are unstained Cap Top with Fascia. Some, such as the one picture to the left, feature a custom arbor instead of a traditional gate. Complementary to our extraordinary fencing, is our top notch decking. There are several different mediums of decking you can choose from. We have the traditional cedar decking, as well as hardwood decking. We also offer PVC decking from Endeck. To compliment your new deck and add safety, there are a few different style of railings to choose from. The wood railing made of cedar will match almost any deck. Our aluminum railing can feature aluminum pickets or cable railing. Our glass panel hand rails can either have an aluminum cap or just a panel of glass. We also offering cable railing. During your free estimate, we can help create the fence or deck you want.

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