Can I add an arbor to a vinyl garden fence?

Adding an arbor to a vinyl garden fenceVinyl fencing in your yard can add elegance and beauty unlike any other style of fence. Your yard will not only look great, but it will be protected, too. If you’ve already installed your vinyl fence, or you’re considering adding vinyl to your property and want to add on a vinyl fence arch, pergola, or arbor, there are several options: single arch arbors, pergola entries, custom garden arbors, standard arbors, and more to choose from. Here are some of the key differences and benefits of adding one of these beautiful pieces to your landscaping.

Differences between pergolas and arbors

Unlike arbors, pergolas are not usually freestanding. Pergolas are generally placed next to a home or other structure and are usually bigger than an arbor. They can be used to create covered walkways and they are oftentimes used to grow plants or vines. Pergolas can be big enough to create a whole separate outdoor space, whereas arbors are not.

Arbors are most often used as a design element or for gardening. It can add height to a location that needs it, and it can also be used to grow plants of vines around it for extra beauty in the garden. If you already have a vinyl gate, an arbor could be added to go on top of it for extra charm.

Vinyl fencing is affordable and versatile and comes in a variety of colors and textures. No matter what style you prefer, there will always be something that can match your home’s overall design. There are a variety of other benefits in choosing vinyl for your property.

Low maintenance.

Looking for a fence that requires little to no maintenance over the years? All you will need to do to keep the fence clean is wash it down with water and soap once dirt accumulates on it (which are not very time consuming). Best of all – there is no repainting required and it will not rot, mold, discolor, or be prone to termite damage.


Vinyl fencing is very affordably priced, making it a good option for people that want to beautify their yard but not spend a lot in doing so. Not only is the material well-priced, but because there is little to no maintenance required, you’ll save money over the long term on repainting or other treatment costs.

Vinyl fences and arbors are resilient and built to last in their original condition for many years. Contact our experienced team of fencing professionals today for a quote on your vinyl arbor or vinyl fence installation.