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What will my sprinkler do to my fence?

Sprinklers are sneaky buggers, with both pressurized water and low angles they can manage to get water into places where the rain just can’t reach. This can cause damage over time due to rot and mildew if not properly handled, and should be considered when designing your new fence. If you have a vinyl fence…

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Why does my fence have green or black streaks?

Why does my fence have patches of green or black streaks? Does your fence have streaks of black or even green? Whether it’s vinyl or wood this means mold or mildew is making a home—and if you live in wet climates like what we have in the greater Portland area, your fence is even more…

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How to Clean a Deck and Extend its Lifespan

Congrats, you just had a beautiful new deck installed—hopefully by us!—and you want your investment to be enjoyed for years to come. So the question is: “How do I keep it clean without damaging the material?” Cleaning methods depend on the type of decking material that was used. If you chose to install a composite…

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Why We Use DecKorator’s Deck Boards and Accessories

There are many brands of composite decking material to choose from, so we understand there can be confusion when trying to make a decision. Though no one brand is the king of composite materials, we can explain the brand we use and why we stand behind their products. In recent years we’ve been purchasing our…

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Deck and Outdoor Staircase Railing Regulations

In order to make sure your project doesn’t get hung up and delayed by failing to pass inspections, it’s important to understand the regulations for railing installed both on your deck and your outdoor staircases. Regulations enforce safety standards regardless of appearance, but that doesn’t mean the beauty of your outdoor space needs to be…

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How to Combine Backyard Learning with Fun and Safety

The outdoors are a beautiful setting for kids of all ages and learning abilities. Schools recognize this fact and encourage learning in nature when possible. Autistic children, however, sometimes miss out on these opportunities due to concerns about their behaviors outside of a classroom, where control might