Cedar Versus PVC Decks

Not all deck materials are created equal. Wood remains the most popular choice for decks, but fast on its heels are synthetic materials.

Cedar decks are the best choice when you want to build with a natural material. For those looking at manmade options, PVC decking offers several benefits.

Both cedar and PVC make durable, long-lasting decks. Which should you choose? Here’s a quick rundown of cedar versus PVC decks.

Learn about cedar versus PVC decks.

Cedar Decks: the Natural Choice

There’s a good reason why cedar is a top choice for the wet climate of the Pacific Northwest. Cedar boards naturally resist insects and rot. Properly built cedar decks won’t warp or twist.

For those concerned about sustainability, this western native is a natural choice. Cedar trees grow relatively quickly and don’t require pesticides or other chemicals to thrive.

Cedar has been used in decks, fences and furniture for generations. It’s beloved for its natural variations in hue and characteristic aroma.

Many people prefer the natural look of cedar, however the boards can easily be stained or painted. Stain is the preferred way to add color without masking the natural variations in the wood. Whether you’re planning on staining or painting, you’ll want to apply a waterproofing sealer. The seal extends the life of the deck and provides further protection against rot.

Cedar is easy to maintain with an annual washing. Periodic sanding and resealing may also be needed. Cedar comes in a choice of grades.

Cedar versus PVC Decks, which is right for you?


PVC Decks: Maintenance-Free Summers

Cascade builds decks with Wolf PVC, a 100% polyvinyl chloride material. The boards won’t split, rot or fall prey to insects. PVC decks are lightweight, strong and durable.

PVC can be manufactured to look like cedar, resembling the random variations characteristic of grain. It comes in a choice of colors. Unlike wood, you won’t need to sand, seal, stain or paint a deck made from PVC. Once installed, these decks just need to be swept or rinsed as needed.

Manufacturing techniques for PVC decking have improved over the years. With the addition of ASA capstock, PVC decks are protected from sun and water. Capping adds such strength that Wolf offers a 25-year warranty against fading, staining, rotting, cracking and more.

PVC can be the ideal choice if your deck has heavy foot traffic from kids or pets. It can also be great if you plan to install a hot-tub on or near the deck.

Decks Tailor-Made for Your Home

You can’t go wrong with either a cedar or PVC deck. As long as you choose an experienced, skilled builder, both materials make for decks that are stylish and practical. In general, the choice usually comes down to preference and budget.

Cascade Fence & Deck has extensive experience in building both PVC and cedar decks. Our crew can recommend the material that best fits your home, lifestyle and budget. Contact us for more information about building the perfect deck for your home.