Vinyl Fences Are a Maintenance-Free Choice

Some people like to work in the yard every weekend. They mow the lawn, pull weeds and spruce up whatever needs sprucing up. Others, well, their idea of a good weekend doesn’t involve puttering of any kind.

Vinyl fences are a maintenance free choice.

If you’re more like the latter but want a fence that looks like it belongs to the former, consider the advantages of a maintenance-free vinyl fence.

Vinyl fences never need refinishing or retouching. They won’t rot. Insects won’t carve paths through the panels. Year after year, these fences withstand Southwest Washington’s wet winters and sunny summers.

How Are Vinyl Fences Made?

Vinyl is a synthetic material consisting of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. Manufacturers of vinyl fences mix PVC with substances to give the material durability and strength.

The surface of a vinyl fence can be smooth, or it can have a texture similar to wood grain. Fences are a combination of posts, rails, boards and panels. High-quality vinyl is thick and will not warp. White and tan are the most common colors for vinyl fences.

How to Care for a Vinyl Fence

Wash your fence when it gets dirty. A quick spray is usually all it takes. If organic matter, such as grass clippings, are left on the boards, you might get a bit of mildew growing. Use a gentle detergent to wash the area.

What Styles Are Available in Vinyl Fences?

At Cascade Fence and Deck, we offer vinyl fences in styles right for the following scenarios:

For Privacy, Kids and Pets

Some Vancouver neighborhoods have small lots. If you need a privacy fence, check out the Clark and the Nehalem. Both are classic styles that blend good looks with discretion. These fences keep kids and pets inside and unwelcome gazes and trespassers outside.

For Front Yards

A shorter fence with an open structure is often best for front yards. Whether you live in a subdivision in Camas or on a quaint street in Ridgefield, a picket fence can be the right choice. We offer the Hood and the Twisp. Both styles create a stylish border that won’t stand in the way of friendly small talk with your neighbors.

For Rural Boundaries

The Yamhill has the look of a split-rail farm fence. If you live in a rural area around Battle Ground, Hockinson or elsewhere in Clark County, consider this style. It’ll give your yard a boundary in keeping with a country lifestyle.

Quality Fences, Exceptional Service for Southwest Washington

The key to vinyl’s durability is quality materials and construction. You’ll get both when you work with our experienced fencers. Our locally-owned company makes it easy for you to get the fence you want. Contact us for information about our services.