Colder Seasons giving your fence the Blues?

With the wind and rain picking up this time of year, many people are finding their fences failing. Whether its due to waterlogged posts and rails sagging, or wind and fallen trees breaking through fences, Cascade Fence and Deck is equipped to fix any problem you have. We have experienced Repair Foremen that have seen every horror a fallen fence can offer.

For sagging and waterlogged posts, we have just the solution. With our Steel posts, you will never have to worry about the rain affecting their durability. They come galvanized and strong enough to hold any rail and picket combo that you choose, regardless of how wet they become.

For fencelines that have fallen or broken down due to the elements, we are fully prepared to handle any repair. Whether simply replacing Pickets and Rails, or replacing entire posts, be assured the quality installers at Cascade Fence and Deck can handle it.