Deck stain tips for the perfect outdoor deck

Ceder Deck stain 1Your deck is an important part of your home that can add value and aesthetic beauty to your overall property. But having a deck requires work. Using deck stain every couple of years is a big job and it can be a challenge to re-stain it so frequently. To avoid frustration, here is a quick guide on the cause of deck peeling and why it needs to be stained regularly.

Too much deck stain on the surface of the wood is one common reason for decks to start peeling. Wood absorbs moisture from the rain and snow, and as the sun finally comes out and dries out the wood, the moisture needs to pass through the stain. If the deck stain is too thick or heavy, then the moisture is trapped and cannot evaporate away. This leads to peeling. You’ll likely notice peeling in the spring when the weather starts to dry out.

Tips on how to stain a deck

Here are some helpful tips on how to reduce peeling and ultimately reduce the amount of times you need to use deck stain.

IPE Deck stain 02Don’t over-apply the deck stain

As we covered above, more is not better when it comes to staining. Apply only what the wood can absorb easily to so there is not a buildup on the surface of your deck. If you notice a film of stain on the wood, that means there is too much. The wood is not able to breathe and soon, it will start to peel.

Don’t apply stain in the direct sunlight

Try to stain your deck on a cool, dry day, either early in the morning or late in the day. If you’re staining it in the direct sunlight in the heat of the day, the wood’s surface will be hotter and the stain will dry faster. This means that it won’t have time to penetrate the wood and the wood will have a film on it.

Use a brush

You can use a spray or roll on to stain your deck, but while the stain is still wet, work in the material with a quality brush. This will make a big difference in the long run, as the fibers in the brush will allow the stain to really get into the surface of the wood.

If you have stained your deck time and time again over the years or you’ve noticed that you have damaged wood throughout, it may be time to replace your deck. Our experienced team of professionals at Cascade Fence & Deck can help, so contact us today for options.