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Your project details have been sent to the office. We’ll review your answers, measurements and notes to get a good understanding of your project.

How we estimate your project

The information you sent us helps to get a general idea of the scope of your project. With those details we’re able to identify similar projects that we’ve completed in the past. Based on historical data we’ll create an expected budget range to help you plan ahead.

When to expect your estimate

Unless it’s late in the day or on the weekend, we normally provide your free estimate the same day. During the summer and fall this timeline may be longer as we respond to a higher number of requests.

Forgot to include something?

No worries, it happens. There’s no need to fill the form out again; just look in your email for the message from our team and reply with any additional details, questions or even photos of your project.

Prefer talking on the phone?

Give us a call during business hours (8am – 5pm Monday-Friday) and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. The office number is (360) 892-5478.