How do I prevent my dog from digging under the fence?

There are several reasons that homeowners choose to have a fence built, but the one we hear most often is to keep the kids and dogs safe! It’s important for the family to have a secure outdoor space where the dogs can run and the kids can play in the yard without parents having to worry about the busy nearby street. One question that comes along with this is “How do I keep my dogs from digging under the fence?!” We totally get it. Some dogs are escape artists! Here’s a couple ways to prevent that.

Options to Prevent Digging

Chicken Wire

Seems pretty simple, right? It is! The wire can be attached to the bottom of the fence and buried in the ground so that when the doggos start trying to get out, the wire gets in their way.

Here we have one of our crew members doing whatever it takes to make sure the wire is installed just the way the homeowner wanted it.

Pour A Concrete Base

Dogs usually aren’t persistent enough to dig through concrete, so it’s a great idea to consider pouring a concrete retaining wall that extends below ground level. That way the fence can be installed on top of it and you still get the privacy and security of a new fence along with peace of mind that the dogs won’t be digging themselves out of the yard anytime soon.

Install A Wood Retaining Wall

Wood can also be used to create a barrier below ground instead of concrete. It serves the same purpose, looks nice, and will be a little cheaper, but it may not last quite as long as concrete, as the contact with the ground will eventually cause the wood to rot. This may not be a concern for those living in a dry climate, but for those of us residing in the Pacific Northwest, it’s definitely something to consider when installing a fence in our rainy climate!

Picture something like this that extends a few boards further into the ground.

Extend the Fence Into the Ground

This would not be our first recommendation, but if it proves necessary, fence boards can be installed to extend below ground. Again, the concern would be that the boards will rot over the years due to contact with the ground, as wood will definitely retain moisture.

Use Landscaping to Your Benefit

If your landscaping plan includes flowers or plants of any kind, consider planting roses or pokier bushes near the fence line, as that will deter the pups from getting close to the fence in the first place.

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