How do PVC Decks Compare to Wood Decks?

Wood is a traditional material for a backyard deck. Along with its classic appearance, however, comes a predictable schedule of scrubbing and refinishing.

While some don’t mind the annual cleaning and sealing, others prefer kicking back on a deck rather than working on it. For them, PVC may be the best choice. PVC decks require no maintenance. They last for decades and won’t rot or split.

Comparing PVC Decks and Wood Decks

PVC and cedar are both good materials for a deck. We build Deckorators Decking PVC decks and western red cedar decks. The main difference between the two is the amount of upkeep and their longevity. While red cedar isn’t necessarily high maintenance, it does best with an annual cleaning and regular sealing and staining.

PVC Decks Are the Maintenance-Free Choice

Deckorators Vault decking is 100 percent polyvinyl chloride. It has no organic fillers. This material is durable and lightweight. The boards don’t warp or split and will never rot.

ASA capstock protects PVC from water damage and fading from the sun. Deckorators Vault decking comes with a 25-year limited lifetime warranty and a 25-year stain and fade warranty. Because Cascade Fence & Deck is a Deckorating Decking Pro, our customers are eligible for a 5-year labor warranty.

The durability of PVC makes it a good choice if your deck is going to have heavy traffic, if you have kids, pets or want to install a hot tub.

You don’t have to sacrifice the look of wood when you choose a PVC deck. PVC comes in a variety of styles, some designed to look like painted or stained wood.

 Even maintenance-free PVC will get dirty now and then. Sweep or rinse your deck as needed.

Naturally Beautiful Cedar Decks

Cedar is a traditional material that’s been used for decks and fences for generations. It’s beautiful, sustainable and resists rot naturally.

If you prefer natural materials, cedar is the best lumber for your Pacific Northwest deck. A well-made deck with quality cedar won’t warp or twist. It will gradually fade and can turn gray as it ages.

Cedar requires cleaning at least once a year. Sun and moisture can cause the boards to breakdown. Weatherproofing and sealing will extend the life of your wood deck. We offer a selection of grades and various price points.

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