How to Choose a Vinyl Fence

White vinyl fences have been around for years. Pacific Northwest homeowners love them for their style, low maintenance and durability. Compared to wood, however, vinyl fencing is a new product.

How to choose a vinyl fence

While many people around Vancouver know how to assess lumber, fewer are familiar with the properties of vinyl. Like wood, vinyl varies in quality. How can you judge vinyl fencing material? How does it compare to the traditional styles common in Washington and Oregon?

The quick answer to that question is to rely on a reputable fencing company. Cascade Fence and Deck installs 100 percent PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fences. PVC is a tough, fire-resistant material. We only install high-quality fences using products from our trusted vendors.

Please contact Cascade Fence and Deck for an estimate on a new vinyl fence.

How to Choose a Vinyl Fence

Here are a few more details to consider when you’re buying a vinyl fence.

Color: White vinyl fences are by far the most popular choice, but you have a few other options as well. When you’re checking materials, be sure to choose vinyl that won’t fade or yellow. Look for materials that resists the damage of ultraviolet rays which will discolor low-quality products.

Strength: Try to get your hands on a sample. Feel and inspect the material for thickness and sturdiness. Does it bend too easily? Does it look weak? Check if bottom rails are reinforced with steel or another material. Search for gates with steel hardware and steel or aluminum frames.

Design: Check the details of the design. If you want a privacy fence, for example, be sure to choose one that uses tongue-and-groove panels. The Clark and Nahalem provide complete privacy and strong construction. Other things to check are the types of fasteners and posts.

Warranty: A great warranty signals the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. A limited, lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind, but it also tells you the vinyl fencing material is constructed to last. Check out the manufacturer’s reputation and history to ensure the company has staying power.

Style: Our vinyl fences come in many of the same styles as our cedar fences. Along with privacy models, we offer picket and field fences. If you love the look of wood, these styles mimic the classic look of clean, white paint. Vinyl has the advantage of never needing to be refinished.

Price: We all like to save money. But, the old maxim, “You get what you pay for,” holds true here. Your fence is a long-term investment. Steer clear of bargain-basement materials. A flimsy fence is an eyesore and will always be in disrepair.

Vinyl fences have a higher initial cost than wood. However, wood won’t last as long and also requires regular maintenance. To accurately compare costs, calculate the repairs and replacement expenses over the expected lifetime of your fence.