How to keep your deck and outdoor living space dry

In the rainy winter months, we get several inquiries from homeowners who are curious about keeping their outdoor living space dry so that it’s usable all year long. Not all products are equal when it comes to waterproofing, especially here in the Pacific Northwest! We have been building decks in the Portland Metro Area for over 22 years and have found the following solutions superior over others.

A dry space below your deck


We use a product called Dexerdry on many of our deck projects. This system is designed to act as a rubber gasket between the deck boards, so water drains off the deck and is prevented from getting below the deck surface. A gradual slope of 1/8 inch per foot is designed when installing this type of deck to allow water to flow towards the preferred edge and fall into a gutter system. In doing this, the water is not able to get to the space below, which is amazing if you have two story decks or a patio space underneath the deck.

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Deck Drain

Another dry “below deck” living solution is called Deck Drain. This is where a rubber like membrane is placed underneath the deck boards and between each joist. Deck Drain is sloped to allow water to flow into a gutter system where water can then be directed to a preferred area. There are some limitations to each system and your Cascade Fence and Deck professional can help you decide which is best for your particular deck dry space needs.


Cover your outdoor space from above

Patio or deck covers are great options for keeping a deck dry from above, whether there’s living space beneath it or not. It won’t prevent rain entirely if the wind is blowing strong, but it can keep at least a portion of your space dry if you want to enjoy your outdoor space during the cold winter months.

Acrylite Patio Covers

Living here in the Pacific Northwest, we know how important it is to keep the sunshine in and the rain out! If you desire a dry outdoor living space but don’t want to sacrifice blocking out the sun, then consider a transparent or semi-transparent Acrylite Patio Cover system. These patio covers are constructed with strong aluminum framing and can be powder coated with just about any color to match your home. The panels also come in several options including Cool Blue Heat Stop which is designed to keep your living area from feeling like a green house!

Wood Structure Patio Covers

Cascade Fence & Deck also builds traditional wood structure patio covers! These covers can be stand alone or completely tied into your existing house and roofing to make them appear to be part of the original home plan. There are a lot of options with these traditional patio covers like installing skylights, ceiling fans, can lights, ceiling material and decorative posts just to name a few. Your Cascade Fence & Deck professional estimator can help you understand all the ins and outs when it comes to patio covers. Give us a call today.


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