You've done your part - here's what happens next...

  1. Your project details have been sent to the office. We’ll review your answers, measurements, and notes to get a good understanding of your project.
  2. Within 24 business hours We will reach out and schedule a quick 10-20 minute phone call with you to review your selections and get to know your project a little more.
  3. We will then dive into design. The first drafts of your design will take 1-2 weeks to complete.
  4. Once the 1st designs are complete, we will share them with you, and let you make changes as needed.
  5. As soon as you are happy with your designs you will get the images sent to you to enjoy! You are now able to use the design to start building out your new favorite space. Whether that is through us, your own contractor, or yourself : ).

    *Keep in mind, these are conceptual designs, they are not buildable plans with measurements, engineering details, etc.