Portland, OR

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Officially incorporated on June 18, 1906, the city is named after the camas lily, a plant with an onion-like bulb prized by Native Americans. Historically, the commercial base of the city was based almost solely on the paper mill; however, the diversity of industries has been enhanced considerably in recent years by the influx of several white-collar, high-tech companies including Hewlett-Packard, Sharp Microelectronics, Linear Technology, WaferTech and Underwriters Labs.

Our presence in the Camas area has been growing with the new subdivisions on Prune Hill as well as homeowners jobs. As a contractor we will make sure you have the perfect wood or vinyl fence for your Camas home. Most of the new homes have either a dog-ear fence or a 6 foot privacy vinyl fence. Complementary to our extraordinary fencing, is our top notch decking. We want to make sure you can enjoy those few precious summer days on your brand new wood or PVC deck. There are several different mediums of decking you can choose from. We have the traditional cedar decking, as well as hardwood decking. We also offer PVC decking from Endeck. To compliment your new deck and add safety, there are a few different style of railings to choose from. The wood railing made of cedar will match almost any deck. Our aluminum railing can feature aluminum pickets or cable railing. Our glass panel hand rails can either have an aluminum cap or just a panel of glass. We also offer cable railing. During your free estimates, we can help you decide what would be the perfect fence or deck for your home.