Simple building practices that extend the life of your deck: G-Tape

Photo of G-tape

When investing in a new deck, most people want to ensure that they have done everything to give their deck the most extended life possible. Therefore, at Cascade Fence and Deck, we install G-Tape on every deck we build. It is a small task that reaps enormous rewards. But what exactly is G-Tape, how does […]

Pros & cons of composite decking

Have you considered replacing or installing a new composite deck but wonder what the advantages and disadvantages maybe? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of composite decking products. PROS OF COMPOSITE DECKING 1. Composite deck boards are mold and mildew-resistant and far less susceptible and even immune to rotting with some […]

Consumer vs. professional grade decking boards

If you have been considering constructing or replacing a deck on your property with composite decking, then you’ve probably wondered what the differences are between consumer-grade and professional-grade materials.

3 common deck support systems

The key to a reliable, long-lasting deck begins with the foundation. This article will talk about the different deck support options commonly used today in the decking industry.

Cedar vs. vinyl fencing

Which fencing material is best for you? One of the most common questions we get about fencing is, which material is better, cedar or vinyl? A lot of people know what they want. Either they love the look of cedar, or they prefer the streamlined visual appeal of vinyl. However, some are still on the […]

How to clean a composite deck

If you have a composite deck installed, you have probably noticed how low maintenance it is. Even so, over time, it can still accumulate dirt and grime. So what is the safest way to clean your composite deck without causing damage or risking the voiding of the warranty? Low maintenance is not just a selling […]

What to expect during a deck design consultation

This Portland deck is perfect for outdoor parties and summer barbeques

You have scheduled an appointment with one of our design professionals, and now you wonder what this meeting will involve. Your on-site design consultation is the perfect opportunity to meet with one of our talented design professionals and discuss your project. The primary goal of this meeting is to allow our designer to get to […]

4 questions to ask when hiring a contractor

A Cascade Fence & Deck employee works on a project in Vancouver, WA

When preparing to hire a contractor for your fence and deck needs, it is crucial to know what questions to ask. Protect Yourself. Make sure that your contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. This is important to protect you against fraud or unqualified contractors and against liability from injuries that may happen on your property […]

Deck boards: which is best for my home?

Let’s talk about three of the most common materials used for residential decks in the Pacific Northwest. Composite Boards Hands down, composite decking is the most widely used type of deck board in this region. As a result, there are multiple composite decking brands in today’s market. However, here at Cascade Fence & Deck, we […]

5 common questions about fence and deck projects

In this post, we’ve got answers to 5 common questions about fence and deck projects: Will we build a partial project? Do you need to be home while we work on your project? Can you re-use an existing deck frame? Which is cheaper, a concrete patio or a composite deck? What’s the best way to […]