What’s the best non slip composite decking? Trex VS Deckorators

non slip decking factors

Both Trex and Deckorators composite decking materials are designed for slip resistance. However, the level of grip may vary based on various factors such as the texture and finish of the boards, weather conditions, and the type of shoe sole. In general, a rougher surface will provide better non slip decking compared to a smoother surface.

texture matters

Trex composite decking has a wood-grain pattern on one side and a combed finish on the other. Deckorators decking also has a wood grain pattern composed primarily of limestone. The limestone gives the Deckorators surface texture greater detail, makes it tougher, and more abrasive. Therefore it provides a much better level of grip than Trex. However, both brands offer a variety of composite decking options with different textures and finishes, so it is best to review the specific product specifications and to assess the level of grip in person if possible.


Ultimately, the best way to ensure safe, non slip decking is to keep the surface clean and free of debris. As well as use appropriate footwear with non-slip soles.


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