Four Reasons To Build A Deck

As you can tell from our photo galleries and social media accounts, we love to build decks. There’s just something about creating a beautiful outdoor space for our customers to enjoy with their families. Plus, the challenge of building them is fun for us! Besides the fact that we like to build them, here’s a few legit reasons to add a deck to your home.

Decks are quick to build

If extra outdoor living space is needed, decks are great because they’re quick to build. It can take anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks depending on the size and complexity, but in comparison to remodeling or putting an addition on, they’re pretty fast. This does NOT mean that you should wait until June 15th to call for an estimate and request the deck be built by July 1st. Not gonna happen! Please give yourself time to gather estimates and plan your dream deck project.

You gain an outdoor living space

When you think of sitting outside and watching the sunset from your backyard, you don’t imagine sitting on the grass, right? Didn’t think so. Most of us would imagine sitting on the deck to enjoy some peace and quiet, or maybe a nice visit with the kids who are home from college for the summer. And if you’re the type who loves to entertain, decks are the perfect place to host barbeques, parties, and celebrations of all kinds! Even better, the space can be usable year round simply by adding a patio cover, so the Pacific Northwest winter rains don’t have to effect your quality front (or back) porch sittin.

Looks good and adds value

Not only does a deck investment add value to your home, it looks good too! With the right design and colors, a deck can instantly make your home look more aesthetically pleasing. Choosing the deck boards and railings are essentially an extension of making the space feel like YOU.

Decks last a long time

Decks can last for decades if they are built properly. We understand the investment sounds like a lot up front, but if the deck lasts for 30+ years, it’s definitely worth it. This is with the assumption that the deck is correctly cared for. If wood is the chosen material for the deck, MAKE SURE it gets stained and cleaned! Otherwise it will rot faster and your investment may not feel like it was worth it.


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