Repair or Replace a Deck?

Decks, especially wood decks, can look weathered even when they are structurally sound. The weather in the Pacific Northwest takes a toll on a deck. Sometimes a good scrub and minor repairs will right what’s wrong. At other times, major repairs or a new deck is the answer.

repair or replace a deckRepair or Replace a Deck?

How do you know if you should repair or replace your deck? In general, all the following flaws can be repaired without starting from scratch. That said, if the repair is extensive and the deck is deteriorating, you may want to install a new deck rather than being faced with a repair every few months.

Rotting Posts

Posts most often rot when they sit on the ground. The soil in Vancouver is damp year round, especially under a deck. Rotting may be a problem if the deck wasn’t built properly or if it doesn’t use pressure-treated wood. To keep posts from soaking up moisture, they need to sit atop a concrete block. A bracket protects the bottom of the post. If the rest of your deck is in good shape, replace only the posts.

Off the Rails

You should repair loose railings as soon as you notice them. Take a look at the rail’s fasteners. If the rail was built with nails only, you’ll need to reinforce them. You can bolster the connections with bolts.

Rotting or Split Boards

If your deck has a few loose or rotting boards, you can easily replace just those that are deteriorating. Replace the deck if the rot is widespread.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

A little vibration on a deck may be disconcerting but harmless. If there’s a lot of movement, you may need to add braces under the deck. A swaying boards will gradually work bolts loose or otherwise cause damage to the structure.

Unsound Ledger Board

Ledger boards support the side of the deck closest to the house. A deck may break loose from a house if the ledger isn’t properly secured. Fasten the ledger to the house with strong lag screws or lag bolts. Ledger flashing keeps moisture from penetrating between the board and the house. If flashing is missing or loose, mold and rot may develop.

Your Deck Is Not Built to Code

In Clark County, not every deck requires a building permit, but all decks must meet building code standards. If your deck doesn’t meet code, you may run into trouble if you’re trying to sell your home or if someone complains about your property. Get the deck repaired or build a new one from scratch.

You Want a Different Style Deck

If you prefer PVC to wood, or wood to PVC, it’s time for a new deck. Perhaps your ideal deck is vastly different from the one you have. Cascade Fence and Deck can build any type of custom deck you envision. If you’re dreaming of a new deck, contact Cascade Fence & Deck today.