The Importance of Having A New Fence When Selling Your Property


Is it important to have a new fence when selling my home?

When selling your home, there are some small yet significant areas of the property that can easily be renovated to make the sale of your home easier and more profitable. The following article outlines why building a new fence, before moving and selling your home, will be advantageous to you on auction day, and why your buyer will thank you for it.

Clean Up the Façade

While most people pay attention to the interiors when selling their home, the outdoor living and garden spaces are just as important. A new fence is vital to create a clean façade, allowing you to tie in the colors of the house exterior with the furniture choices you have used for styling. A deteriorating fence, or a rotting timber structure, won’t appeal to buyers, especially if the rest of your home is modern or newly renovated.

Create Clear Boundaries

The fence line is one of the most important aspects of the division of land and property. Whether you have an established house built or you are selling a vacant block, a new fence creates a clear boundary between your property and the neighbors.


Increased Security

Families with children are especially drawn to a home with a fence, particularly one that is safe, is structurally sturdy, with no risk of injury to the children, and that provides the maximum amount of security for the home and garden. Buyers want to know they are protected from intruders, neighbors being able to access or look into the backyard, and wildlife concerns.

Luxury in the Fenceline

Buyers are notoriously attracted to the allure of a fence. When moving to a new home, they feel a greater sense of luxury towards the property simply because of the beautiful border and are often willing to pay more just for the privilege. However, an old or broken fence doesn’t create this feeling, therefore investing in a modern, stylish fence is beneficial to your ability to sell.


This article was written in conjunction with Melbourne Removalist company Hire A Mover.

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