Use your deck year-round with Acrylite patio and deck covers

There’s perhaps nothing more peaceful than sitting on your patio or deck on a beautiful day. Patios are the ideal place to host friends and family during get-togethers when the sun is shining and the weather is nice. The yard deck can be a little oasis from the rest of the house.

However, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, these bright, comfortable days don’t happen as frequently as you’d probably like. From consistent rainfall in the winter months, to sizzling temperatures in the heat of summer, Portland metro and its surrounding areas undergo a lot of weather during the year.

At Cascade Fence & Deck, we think you should be able to enjoy your patio come rain or shine. Acrylite Patio and Deck Covers offer total protection from the elements and allows you to sit outside on your patio or enjoy the spa without rain or direct sunlight.

Advantages to Acrylite patio and deck covers

From expanding your home’s usable square footage outdoors to providing an element of style to the patio, these acrylic covers offer an array of benefits to the home:

Maintenance-free with weather warranty

Made from highly durable and the most weatherable polymer on the market, these acrylic covers are backed by a 10-year hail warranty and a 30-year non-yellowing warranty. With this added level of protection, you won’t need to worry about spending extra money on replacement costs due to yellowing or weather damage.

These acrylic sheets are stronger and more durable than polycarbonate or fiberglass. In addition, Acrylite covers come with an aluminium framework that’s both highly durable and easily manipulable to fit virtually any space.

Protects against rain and shine

Acrylite patio systems protect against harmful UV rays while also allowing natural light to stream through the home’s windows. When the rains come in full force onto Washington and Oregon, you can still sit comfortably dry on your patio or deck and watch the stormy weather pass through.

Personalization, style options

The customization choices keep on coming. Choose colors for the acrylic sheets and aluminum framework to match your home’s unique style. These acrylic covers can be adapted to single-story and multi-story homes. They fit seamlessly into the deck’s structure and offer a fresh design to your yard.

Looking forward to using your patio or deck in comfort year-round? Contact Cascade Fence & Deck today and speak to one of our experts about installing Acrylite patio and deck covers.