What Type Fence Is Best for My Vegetable Garden

Dechuetes fence is ideal for gardens.
The Deschutes fence combines natural cedar with open wire. The fence provides an elegant barrier to garden marauders.

You might love your backyard critters, but you probably don’t love their tremendous appetites. If you grow vegetables, chances are you know the frustration of having wild animals treat your plot as a snack bar. Nothing works better at keeping unwanted diners at bay than a vegetable garden fence.

What Kind of Intruders Get Into the Garden?

Before deciding on a fence, consider the types of animals you want to keep out.

  • Leapers or diggers? Do you need to keep high leapers out? Burrowing bandits? Some deer can clear fences as high as 8 feet. Keeping out diggers requires a buried barrier, such as a chain link or wire border.
  • How large is the area? Do you need a fence around the entire yard or just the garden?

Choosing Materials for a Vegetable Garden Fence

Chain link fences are great for gardens.
Chain link fences can be tall without obscuring the view of your garden.

Each type of fencing material has a different character. Some are better suited to gardens than others. Here are the types of garden fences we recommend:

  • Cedar fences: Cedar is the best choice for wood fences in Washington and Oregon. Cedar naturally resists rot, an important consideration for the moist environment in a garden. It doesn’t contain chemicals that could leach into the soil. If you’re looking for a tall, attractive fence to surround your entire yard, not just a garden plot, you can’t go wrong with cedar.
  • Wood and wire: Our Deschutes fence blends wood posts with wire. The clean, contemporary look of this style is a step up from a typical temporary vegetable garden fence. The Deschutes combines the beauty of cedar with the strength of steel. It’s a substantial fence that keeps animals out. The open wire allows air and light in and doesn’t block your view. This fence can even be used as a trellis for vegetables or flowers.
  • Chain link fences: A chain link fence is strong, practical and economical. This type of fence keeps out many different types of invaders. Wildlife, kids and pets all respect a sturdy chain link fence.
  • Vinyl fences: A vinyl fence is a maintenance-free choice for protecting the yard and garden. Our Hood and Yamhill designs mimic the classic look of wood pickets and rails. With a vinyl fence, you don’t have to worry about the irrigation system getting the fence wet. If you water with a sprinkler, consider this material for your garden fence.

Choose Vancouver’s Friendly Fencing Experts

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