Why Bufftech vinyl fences are ideal for rainy climates

Vinyl Fence HoodThere’s something about wooden fences that makes just about any home feel more welcoming and gives it that extra stylish flair. However, properly maintaining wooden fences, especially during the rainy season in the Portland metro area, becomes an expensive hassle for homeowners. That’s why CertainTeed is releasing Bufftech fences, which give the appearance of wood but are actually made of vinyl.

These fences are crafted with a realistic woodgrain texture and deep stain shades that give the look like a wooden fence without the yearly maintenance. These fences never need to be stained or painted over the years to continue looking fresh. Especially in the Pacific Northwest, rainy weather takes a major toll on wooden structures but with Bufftech, you need not worry about the condition of your vinyl fence during a particularly wet winter.

Benefits of Bufftech vinyl fences

Bufftech offers high-quality raw materials, reinforced rails, heavyweight pickets and concealed fasteners so that your fence is built to last and altogether gives the appearance of well-maintained wooden fence. In addition, these fences come standard with customer-friendly features:

Colorlast fade protection: Guarantees that Bufftech’s darker colors and stain blends are protected from the sun’s harsh rays, so your fence will look well-maintained for years to come.

WindZone performance: Bufftech fences are engineered to withstand hurricane weather conditions and high winds up to 115 mph.

Sustainability focused: All of these fences are GreenCircle Certified, meaning that from raw materials, to manufacturing and disposal, CertainTeed is actively pursuing sustainable strategies to lessen its environmental impact.

Warranty: CertainTeed offers a lifetime limited transferable warranty with Bufftech products. This protection covers repair and replacement costs for the first 5 years.

Bufftech fence designs based on your needs

  • Privacy: Bufftech fences designed for privacy offer complete peace of mind that you and your loved ones can enjoy the good times in the backyard without nosy neighbors peering in.
  • Semi-Private: Through-picket “good neighbor” -type fences leave small spacing between each picket so that pets and children remain safe in the yard and you can see what’s going on beyond your fence.
  • Contemporary: These picket fences are stylish additions to any yard looking for that last bit of flair and practicality to bring the yard altogether.
  • Classic: If you’re looking for that traditional white picket fence look, classic designs are for you.

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