Woodland, WA

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Hudson’s Bay retiree, Adolphous Le Lewes, established a homestead at the mouth of what is today known as the Lewis River, in 1849. Two Iowa families, related by marriage, came next: the Solomon Strongs filed a claim in September of 1850 and the Squire Bozarths filed a claim in December of the same year. Bozarth built the first frame house, in what is today Woodland, and named it “Woodland Farm House.” Other early settlers include: Columbia Lancaster, Milly Bozarth, McKenzie and Jane Caples, Brandt and Hans Kraft. After a few years, Christopher Columbus Bozarth, a son of Squire Bozarth, opened a store and named it “Woodland,” after his father’s farm. Woodland eventually grew on the spot where the store was located.

Now that much of the town has been built, Cascade Fence and Deck is mainly focused on the businesses that are rapidly growing in this area. Many chain link fences have been built for businesses in Woodland that were in need of a fence. We will still offer our services to the home owners in need of a new fence, replacing an older fence or deck. Alongside our extraordinary fencing, is our top notch decking. There are several different mediums of decking you can choose from. We have the traditional cedar decking, as well as hardwood decking. We also offer PVC decking from Endeck. To compliment your new deck and add safety, there are a few different style of railings to choose from. The wood railing made of cedar will match almost any deck. Our aluminum railing can feature aluminum pickets or cable railing. Our glass panel hand rails can either have an aluminum cap or just a panel of glass. We also install cable railing. During your free estimate, we can work with you to design the perfect fence or deck to suit your privacy needs with the elegance you want.