Are you CFD material?

We’re looking for driven and positive people to join our small but powerful team! Do you have what it takes?

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Why work at Cascade?

We put you first

We’ve had our share of dead-end jobs with low-end pay. We think you deserve better. That’s why we’re building a company that puts employees front and center, where you belong.

Proud of our craft, proud of our team

You’re the average of the people you surround yourself with. That’s why we’re building a tight-knit team that’s committed to both improvement and encouragement.

No experience necessary

Never worked in construction? You’ll be at home here. We can teach you the skills needed in a safe and friendly environment. Take part in our weekly team training sessions, and get hands-on experience as a member of a supportive team.

Brian Kaski, owner of Cascade Fence & Deck

Brian Kaski

Owner & Visionary

Brian's story

It was 2009, and the Great Recession was in full swing. The year before I had been running a company with over a dozen employees. Then the housing market tanked. We laid off all but two employees, and I was in the field helping them install fences. I was working in the rain, covered in mud… and I was having more fun than ever before.

That’s when I realized that my team was the most important part of my day.

Today, we have distilled those elusive qualities into our Core Values. We don’t care about your skill set; that can be taught. We’re looking for people who are Team Players, Problem Solvers, and Go Getters. If you live out those core values, you belong here.

Building your future

Let’s open up the possibilities and see what’s next for you. We’ll help you identify your goals and show you the next steps towards reaching them.

We love to “hire from within” and help our team members grow into their new favorite role.

Join the team

We’re looking for team players, problem-solvers and go-getters to join our small but powerful team!