Acrylite Patio Covers

Here in the Pacific Northwest our rainy season limits the use of an uncovered deck. But it can be difficult to sacrifice the light and warmth with a traditional patio cover over your outdoor living space.

That’s why many of our customers choose Acrylite® Patio Systems. With translucent, waterproof panels that reduce heat and UV transmission, they provide protection against both sun and rain. 

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Every Acrylite Patio Cover comes with a 30-year non-yellowing warranty and a 10-year hail warranty, along with the Cascade Fence & Deck lifetime workmanship warranty

Patio Cover Design

We’ll help you design a patio cover that will make your outdoor living space useable all year long. Your project designer will help you decide on the structure, materials and features. Our 3D renderings will help you visualize the end result and make the right decisions for your home.