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Get an estimate on your fence in less than a minute with Cascade Fence & Deck’s Fence Calculator. Enter your address, draw your fence, pick a style, get your quote. No forms to submit, no unnecessary phone calls, get your price range now.

How to use the calculator

Find the address bar at the top of this page and enter your address. Once you see your address click it and wait for the map to fly you to your location. (ex:  4415 NE Minnehaha St, Vancouver, WA 98661) 

Click on the map where you would like to start your fence. An orange dot will appear showing you where your fence’s origin is located.

Pull your mouse away from the origin and begin to click where you would like your fence to go. Every time you click a new point will be set and you can start a new section of fence. Repeat until your fence is complete.

Once your fence is complete click on the orange dot to complete your fence!

Below the map a card will generate showing you the distance of your fence. Press one of the four icons to select your fence style. A price range will be generated from this selected style. You can click on the four different styles to see the price range for all of them.

Frequent questions

If you are on desktop hold the left mouse button and drag around the map to move around. If you would like to zoom farther away or closer you can use your mouse’s scroll wheel!

To edit your fence click once on the fence on the map. The fence will turn orange, then press the point that you want to change. Finally hold down and drag your fence post where you would like it to go!

The updating fences feature is not available on mobile.

To delete a fence go to the card where your fence’s price is displayed. Then click on the gray trash can in the top right!

Absolutely! If you would like to add a fence just press on the Add Fence button below the fence cards. You will then see your mouse change to a + sign and you may start drawing your new fence!

This fence takes into account the labor and material cost per linear foot of fence. This is then multiplied by the distance of your fence. Material and labor costs vary on the style of fence. All numbers outputted are rough estimates and are not always accurate because of variations in terrain and conditions.