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Quick Reference

What does an average fence cost in 2023?

The median fence project in the Portland Metro area cost $5,585 with a typical range of $2,051 to $9,843. The most popular fence style was the Chelan cedar privacy fence, with a median project cost of $5,489.

The median Portland fence repair in 2020 cost $553 with a typical range of $147 to $2,850. The most common fence repair projects are wind damage repair, wood post replacement and gate adjustments.

Cost data is based on a representative set of 245 actual projects completed by Cascade Fence & Deck in 2020.

Cedar fence costs

Cedar fences are a popular fence choice in the Pacific Northwest, where the unique qualities of Western Red Cedar are especially resilient in our mild and wet climate. From a classic neighborhood fence to our more modern styles, cedar is versatile and beautiful.

The median cedar fence project in 2020 cost $5,585, with a typical range of $2,022 to $9,843. Our most popular cedar fence style is the Chelan privacy fence.

Vinyl fence costs

Vinyl fences are growing in popularity due to their longevity and low maintenance requirements. Available in several color options, they are equally popular in subdivisions and on acreage.

The median vinyl fence project in 2020 cost $7,370, with a typical range of $2,813 to $14,634. Our most popular vinyl fence style is the Clark privacy fence.

Ornamental fence costs

Ornamental fences used to be made of wrought iron, but these days are aluminum or steel. Our customers select these fences to add security to their property without sacrificing style or visibility.

The median ornamental fence project in 2020 cost $5,952, and the most popular style is the Alumiguard aluminum fence.

What affects the price of my fence?

The length of your fence

Fence length is calculated by the distance the fence runs along the ground. Use a measuring tape or yardstick to measure along the base of the fence.

Don’t have a measuring tool handy? Most fence sections are 8 feet in length. Count your existing fence posts and subtract one, then multiply by 8 to get an approximate length.

Another easy way to estimate the length of your fence project is to use the Measure Distance tool on Google Maps. For instructions, see Measure distance between points (Google Maps Help)

The fence style

We offer over a dozen different styles of fences in multiple materials, heights and designs. The cost of each fence style varies depending on the amount of materials and labor required to install that fence. We are also able to build custom fence styles, which require custom pricing.

The complexity of the fence line

Most backyard fence projects have two sides and a back, along with returns (small sections that connect the fence to the home or nearby outbuildings). Fences that have additional angles or jogs around obstacles can result in increased costs.

Terrain and slope

Sloped fences require additional planning, labor and material. While our calculator assumes a reasonably flat installation, there are occasionally situations that require customization for changes in terrain. When you plan a project with Cascade Fence & Deck, your project planner will review your options for dealing with slope and make sure your fence is installed just the way you like it.

Demolition & debris removal

If you’re replacing an existing fence, there will be a large amount of material left over from the old fence. If you’re planning a project with Cascade Fence & Deck, your project planner will ask you what you’d like to do with the demolished fence. To make it easy, we offer a demolition and removal service so that you don’t have to think about how to load and haul away the old broken sections.

What fence styles can I choose from?

We’re happy to offer a large collection of distinct fence styles, including 16 styles of cedar fences, 2 styles of ornamental fences, and 1 style of vinyl fence.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for in our styles? We’re happy to design and build custom styles as well!

How do I get started?

When you’re ready to begin your project, you can use the Fence Calculator to get an estimate and start planning your project.

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