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How to maintain a cedar fence

You want your beautiful cedar fence to last as long as possible and to look good. Unlike other materials, wood is organic and therefore requires more upkeep. There are several things homeowners can do to prevent issues and maintain a cedar fence. This article will go over: How to maintain

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Types of cedar fence damage & solutions

Not all fences are the same, so there may be a few problems you encounter with your fence versus another homeowner. However, it is good to be aware of all the common types of cedar fence damage, especially when investing in a new fence. The most common problems found with

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How much does a patio cover cost?

While open decks are a classic, patio covers let homeowners enjoy their outdoor space without also experiencing the elements. They add a cozy outdoor space in your yard that is low maintenance. You can sip your coffee on a chilly winter morning, or relax in the shade on a hot

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