Hardwood Decks

Low Maintenance
Regular cleaning and occasionally hardwood specific oils keep these decks in great shape
strength & durability
Hardwood is incredibly strong and can withstand heavy foot traffic, furniture, and other loads without warping or splintering
25-50 year longevity
With proper care, hardwood decks can last 25-50 years or more, making them a long-term investment

decks built to last

Known for their durability and dramatic grain, our hardwoods imported from South America and Africa are incredibly dense and durable. Naturally rot and mold-resistant, their durability makes them low maintenance and amazingly long-lasting.

Available in a variety of grains, these exotic woods bring a unique drama and beauty to decks in Washington and Oregon.

Hardwood Options



Cascade Fence & Deck provides a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. As long as you live in your home we will guarantee our workmanship. Period.

The Natural Durability of Tropical Hardwoods


Weighing in at 50-80 lbs per cubic foot, tropical hardwoods are as much as 3-4 times denser than common softwoods like pine and Douglas fir. Their density comes from extremely compact growth ring structures reinforced by long chains of carbon-based biopolymers called lignins. More lignins equate to higher density wood fibers that are exceptionally difficult to compress or penetrate.

Resistance to Decay

Contributing to decay resistance are silicas (silicon dioxide) deposited strategically within tropical hardwood cell walls. Silicas provide an abrasive barrier that deters fungal hypae penetration. Added natural oils like terpenes are also harshly toxic to molds, stain fungi and insects. Even without treatment, woods like ipe, teak and greenheart will frequently outlast decking woods treated chemically.

Outlasting the Elements

As a result of extreme density paired with silica-reinforced cell structures and fungicidal oils, tropical hardwoods resist rotting and insect infestation better than virtually any other untreated wood species. Exposure to elements leaves their handsome grain patterns intact decades longer.

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