Hardwood Decks

Exotic and beautiful

Known for their durability and dramatic grain, hardwood decks bring an unexpected beauty to homes in the Pacific Northwest.

Ipe and Tigerwood

Ipe wood (pronounced “ee-pay”) from Brazil, and Tigerwood from Africa, are hardwoods so dense they sink in water! Naturally rot and mold resistant, their durability makes them low maintenance and amazingly long-lasting. Available in a variety of grains, these exotic woods bring a unique drama and beauty to decks in Oregon and Washington.


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We build custom stairs for decks of all sizes. From straight and simple to complex and sophisticated. We offer ornamental spiral stairs to save space while adding an elegant flare.


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Add custom lighting to your deck to create a whole new ambience. You’ll never have to cut those warm summer evening parties short again.


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Complete your new deck with matching benches to create an even more comfortable space for you and your guests. Read a book, sip a cold drink, or just enjoy the view.

Patio Covers

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Living in the Northwest is beautiful, but we pay for it in rain and hard to predict weather. Extend the use of your deck year-round with a gorgeous deck or patio cover.

Make it Better.

To provide the best work possible, we actively look for new ways to improve our service and end-product.
Hidden Screws

Why build a beautiful wood deck only to mar it with screws? That’s why every Cedar or Hardwood deck we build utilizes the Camo-Screw®, an efficient way to apply angled screws which are completely hidden from sight.

Get more use out of the area below your new deck.

With a waterproofing system on your deck you can turn the space underneath into a new seating area during the winter months or storage area for your lawnmowers, summer chairs, bbq, sleds—FREE UP YOUR GARAGE!

Your house should be our top priority.

Hands down, the most important part of building a deck is how water is prevented from getting into the house where the deck attaches. If gone unnoticed, which it often is, water leakage can cause serious damage to a house in the long term.

Protection from the unseen.

Lumber is most vulnerable on the edges where it has been cut, which means your deck’s frame is a potential source for water damage. Unlike the surface, this damage can go unnoticed for several seasons causing major structural damage. This is precisely why we use G-Tape, which prevents water damage for the long-haul.

Let’s do this!

Be confident.
If we don’t get it right, we’ll make it right—or your money back.

We stand behind our work and we don’t hide from problems. At Cascade Fence & Deck we do our best to get it right the first time by using quality materials, and employing superior crews. Our goal is to install the product in such a way that it will last.

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