natural resistance
Natural oils provide resistance against decay, insects, and fungal growth
cost effective
A more affordable decking option to fit your budget needs
locally sourced
Take advantage of the Pacific Northwest's access to abundant Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar, is the only species of its kind native to western North America. In addition to cedar being indigenous to our area, it is sourced from some of the most sustainably managed forests in the world, meaning the wood is harvested at a slow enough rate that the forest will be able to regenerate itself as quickly—and sometimes faster—than the rate at which the cedar is harvested.

The wood itself is also remarkably ecological; cedar is grown naturally, and, when sourced from the Pacific Northwest, is never treated with any potentially harmful chemicals or preservatives.


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Natural Benefits of cedar

Cedar wood contains natural oils, particularly cedar oil, which gives the wood its distinct aroma. These oils have inherent properties that make cedar resistant to decay and rot. The oils act as a natural barrier against moisture, preventing water from penetrating deep into the wood fibers, which is a common cause of decay in other types of wood.

Cedar’s natural oils also act as a deterrent to many types of insects, including termites, ants, and beetles. These insects are less likely to infest cedar wood compared to other, less naturally resistant woods. This makes cedar a popular choice for outdoor structures where insect damage is a concern.

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