Cedar Decks

Western Red Cedar isn't afraid of the rain.
Not to mention it's beautiful.

Western Red Cedar is durable, eco-friendly and stylish. As a native species it naturally resists rot and insects, boldly standing up to rainy winters and wet springs. It's the only wood that meets our standards.

A Perennial Palette

From elegant dark stains to chic bleaches to beautiful semi-transparents, natural cedar can be finished to complement any style of home. Additionally, cedar decks can easily be sanded down and refinished at any time, allowing your outdoor area to change looks as you see fit.

Durability in the Pacific Northwest

The advantages of Western Red Cedar go beyond aesthetic. Cedar stands out among coniferous woods in it’s superior resistance to warping, twisting, and checking. Additionally, it has a very low shrinkage factor, making it perfect for Northwest homes.

Long prized by the native peoples of the Pacific coast for its outstanding longevity and ability to withstand weather conditions, cedar stands as one of the primary elements they have used for building, century-after-century. In fact, many indigenous cedar artifacts are still in excellent condition today.

In addition to its long-lasting qualities, cedar can also be easily touched up at any time to remove any accidental dings or scratches.

All-Natural & Sustainably Harvested

Western Red Cedar, botanically known as Thuja plicata, is the only species of its kind native to western North America. In addition to cedar being indigenous to our area, it is sourced from some of the most sustainably managed forests in the world, meaning the wood is harvested at a slow enough rate that the forest will be able to regenerate itself as quickly—and sometimes faster—than the rate at which the cedar is harvested.

The wood itself is also remarkably ecological; cedar is grown naturally, and, when sourced from the Pacific Northwest, is never treated with any potentially harmful chemicals or preservatives.

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