A Brief History

Vinyl fencing first emerged in the mid-20th century as an alternative to traditional fencing materials. Initially, it was primarily used for agricultural purposes, such as enclosing livestock and farm perimeters. However, its versatility and durability soon led to its adoption in residential and commercial settings.

Vinyl Fences today offer durability, low maintenance requirements, a wide variety of styles, and resistance to the elements, making them a practical and visually appealing choice for residential and commercial fencing needs.

Available Colors

A white vinyl privacy fence borders this concrete residential driveway
Tan vinyl privacy fence
Textured Driftwood*
Coastal Cedar

Due to the limitations of digital and print photos, be sure to obtain physical samples of our fence colors when making a fence choice. Ask your project planner for more details.

The lifetime of a vinyl fence

Vinyl fencing enhances the beauty of any yard and is extremely low maintenance. Vinyl fences never need painting or staining, they will not yellow, rust, rot or decay, and they offer strength and durability under all weather conditions.

Our fences keep your pets and kids corralled, discourage wildlife from trespassing and create a peaceful retreat in your backyard. Our project planners will help you choose the perfect fence for your yard. We’re happy to design a custom fence, too.