A Journey Through Outdoor Sauna Styles

When it comes to deciding on how to invest in your wellness and outdoor space, the sauna is always a top-notch option. One of the major decisions a homeowner needs to make when selecting a sauna is what style of outdoor sauna to choose. In this article we’ll discuss some common styles and building techniques to help homeowners make an informed choice on their outdoor sauna.

Barrel Saunas

Barrel saunas are the epitome of space efficiency and classic sauna design. Crafted to mimic the shape of a barrel, these saunas are constructed with a craftsman’s precision, ensuring that the staves fit together perfectly to form a tight, rounded structure that naturally sheds water and snow. The unique shape isn’t just for aesthetics; it allows for optimal circulation of heat within the sauna, providing an even and intense warmth that sauna enthusiasts cherish.

Cabin Saunas

Cabin saunas are like the sturdy cabins of the wild, built to withstand the elements and time. They reflect the heritage of outdoor sauna building, with straight lines, right angles, and a familiar silhouette that speaks of stability and permanence. Constructed from thick timbers that not only insulate but also stand as a testament to durability, these saunas are often the centerpiece of outdoor wellness spaces. They offer ample room inside, often accommodating more elaborate benches, heaters, and even windows, customized to the user’s preference.

Pod Saunas

Pod saunas take the art of sauna construction into a more modern era with their organic, flowing shapes that push the boundaries of traditional sauna design. They offer a more spacious interior, allowing heat to rise and circulate in a manner that can feel more enveloping. The pod shape is a result of innovative woodworking techniques, where the wood must be curved and treated to maintain its form – a true challenge for any craftsman.

Tent Saunas

North Shore Saunas tent saunas are designed for practicality and convenience, suitable for those interested in enjoying sauna sessions outdoors. They’re portable, easy to set up, and built to last, making them ideal for use in different outdoor locations, including backyards and camping sites. These saunas offer a straightforward way to experience the health benefits of sauna therapy outside, combining portability with durability and effective heating. For anyone looking for an outdoor sauna solution that’s easy to move and use, North Shore’s tent saunas are a solid choice. 

Cascade Fence and Deck’s Custom Sauna

Now, let’s talk about the custom sauna offered by Cascade Fence and Deck, as shown in the image. This sauna combines the craftsmanship of bespoke woodwork with modern design elements. It’s not just about cutting and assembling wood; it’s about creating an experience tailored to the individual. The sauna pictured showcases a sleek, minimalist design that reflects an understanding of not just construction, but also of the serene environment a sauna should provide. This is where the craft meets customization; it’s built to fit seamlessly into the landscape of your personal space, promising a retreat that is both a work of art and a private sanctuary.

In conclusion, whether it’s the traditional solidity of a cabin sauna, the efficient curvature of a barrel sauna, the contemporary elegance of a pod sauna, or the personalized craftsmanship of a Cascade Fence and Deck custom sauna, each style offers a unique way to enjoy the timeless benefits of heat and relaxation. These structures are not just built; they are crafted with an eye for detail, a respect for material, and a dedication to creating a sanctuary of warmth that stands the test of time.

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