Can you build fences and decks in the winter?

Can you build a fence or deck project in the winter? Absolutely!

Here in the Pacific Northwest we install fences, decks and patio covers year-round. While most people consider building during the late spring to early summer, winter can actually be the best time to do an outdoor living project.

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Why would winter be a good time to do a project in your yard? Here are three reasons why you should move forward with your project during those cold and rainy months.

Winter projects get done faster

Since many people think about these projects during the summer, it’s easier to find an available contractor and the wait times are shorter during the winter.

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll start thinking about your outdoor spaces in the spring when the sun starts shining.

You start getting quotes for your fence, deck or patio cover. You choose a contractor and they give you the next available date on the schedule.

Depending on how quickly you made your decisions, your summer wait time for construction to start could be from 2 to 6 months away!

If you you build a deck or fence during the winter you could cut that wait time in half.

This isn’t the only reason why winter is a great season for outdoor living projects, though.

Cold projects are better for your landscaping

Your construction crew will need to access your yard, often by moving through grass and other landscaping. Construction materials will be moved into the space, and dirt may be removed or redistributed during the process.

When this happens during the summer, the additional traffic can create unwanted wear patterns in your lawn and landscaping. Without proper hydration those patterns can become more noticeable and unattractive.

With our abundance of winter rain, your lawn is better able to hold up to the construction traffic. And while a winter project might generate some additional mud, there will be plenty of time for your lawn to recover before summer.

Winter projects = summer fun

The best reason to do a project in the winter is that it’s not summertime!

Especially in the Portland area, once the rain starts the backyard gets a lot less attention (unless you have a nice patio cover).

By having your project done while the rain falls, you get more time to enjoy your yard when the sun shines!

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