Get a Quick Quote by Uploading a Video

When it comes to planning your dream outdoor space, scheduling a time to get a quote can be difficult. Whether you’re looking to build a new fence, deck, or patio cover, submitting a video of your project is the quickest way to get an accurate quote without the need for an appointment. Here’s how you can take advantage of this innovative approach.

Why Choose Video Submission?

  1. Speed and Convenience By submitting a video, you can bypass the traditional scheduling and on-site consultation process. In just five minutes, you can provide us with all the necessary information to deliver an accurate quote. This method is not only faster but also more convenient for those with busy schedules. Our team will review your video and get back to you with a free quote within 1-3 business days, compared to the standard week-long wait.
  2. Comprehensive Overview A video allows you to visually explain your vision, capture the entire project area, and point out any specific concerns or preferences. This level of detail helps our estimators understand the scope and intricacies of your project, ensuring a more precise estimate.
  3. Saves time on follow up questions With a great video as the reference point, our estimators can reduce the need for follow-up questions. This streamlines the process, as the video often answers many initial queries.

How to Submit Your Video

Step 1: Take Your Video

  • Orientation: Rotate your phone horizontally to capture a wide view of the project area.
  • Details: Explain your vision, highlighting any specific features or concerns.
  • Coverage: Capture the entire area where the project will take place.
  • Measurements: Include measurements if possible, but it’s not essential.
Step 2: Get Your Estimate
  • Once your video is reviewed, one of our estimators will contact you with a quote within 1-3 business days.
  • We’ll ensure you have all the information needed to make an informed decision about your project.
  • We still love face-to-face interaction, our team can visit your site before starting the project to ensure we fully understand your vision.

Ready to Get Started?

Submitting a video of your project is the fastest way to get an accurate quote. A video is the best way to bypass the traditional appointment while giving all the details an estimator will need. At Cascade Fence and Deck, we make the planning process simple and efficient. Get an estimate in 10 minutes today!

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