How are patio covers installed?


Whether you are installing an American Patio Cover yourself or hiring a contractor, the patio cover will have to be supported. The type of installation you want will depend on the situation and how your house is shaped, and where the patio cover will go. There are three common ways to put up a patio cover.  

Attaching the patio cover to the wall

The first and most common option is to attach your patio cover right to the wall. If you have a tall wall, we would do a ledger, and attach the patio cover to the internal studs on your home.

Attaching the cover to your roof

The second option is to do a roof mount. This is also very common and may be chosen if there isn’t enough wall on the house to attach the patio cover. If the cover needs to be higher up, this is a better option. We are going to use special brackets that will keep your roof waterproof, and secure the patio cover.

Free-standing patio cover

The third and final option is to have a free-standing patio cover that isn’t even attached to your home. The posts are buried directly into the ground, and there is no contact with your home.

Your estimator will help you look at your home and figure out the best way to attach the patio cover. They will look at the height and the shape of your home to figure out which is the best match for your space.

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