How to choose a privacy screen

If you have a deck or are wanting to add a new deck to your home, a privacy screen is a great way to enclose your space. It provides a barrier between you and your neighbor to make your space yours. They act as a barrier so you don’t fall off the deck, gives depth to the space, add privacy and a sense of security, provide space for lighting or plants and other decoration, and so much more. The privacy screen attaches directly to your deck. They are equally functional and aesthetic; you can pick a screen that fits your style and your outdoor space.

When choosing your privacy screen, there are three factors you may want to consider.

Level of privacy

How private do you want your space? Do you want to hide the neighbors, or just have semi-privacy? Screens can be solid with no space to see through. They can also come with a pattern that allows some light to come through if you would prefer a semi-private space. The style of your screen will also depend on how you want the space to look- if you would like details, a simple privacy screen, or even something simple that you can grow plants on. This way, you can control the level of privacy as you grow them. There are many options for privacy screens, styles, and colors.

Privacy screen materials

Two common types of materials you can use for your screen is wood and metal. You can make a custom design with wood, which gives you more freedom when designing the screen. However, the downside to choosing wood is it requires maintenance.

wood privacy screen

There are premade metal ones, that require little to no maintenance. However, you will have to choose from premade designs. You may find the perfect one for your space, but it will not be a custom design, although you may have the option for custom engravings.

Metal privacy screen

Another option is to have your privacy screen built from the same or similar boards as your deck. This complements your deck really well and makes the space all look cohesive. This is common with composite boards because they are easier to maintain than wood.

Composite privacy screen

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