How to Quickly Get a Fence Quote from Cascade Fence & Deck

When you need a new fence for your property, getting a quick and accurate quote is crucial. Cascade Fence & Deck offers a straightforward process for obtaining an estimate through our online tools and direct communication. Here’s how to get the fastest fence quote from us:

Step 1: Fill Out the “Get Started” Form

Start by visiting our website and filling out the “Get Started” form. This is your first step toward a precise estimate. The form is designed to capture all the necessary information to provide you with an accurate quote.

Step 2: Add Visuals of Your Fence Area

To ensure that our estimators understand your needs and the scope of your project, you have the option to upload videos or pictures of your fence line. Visuals can significantly help in assessing the condition of the area and any specific requirements you might have.

How to Take Effective Videos

Capture the Entire Fence: Start by taking a video that captures the entire length of the fence. This overview helps our estimators to see the scope of the project.

Follow Along the Fence Line: Move slowly along the fence line. This detailed view allows our team to note any potential challenges or specific conditions of the fence’s current state.

Point Out Specific Areas: Using your finger, point out any areas of concern or where you envision changes or repairs. Explain what you would like to see improved or altered.

Check out the video below to have Lukas walk you through the best way to video your fence!

YouTube video

Step 3: Personalized Follow-Up

Once you have submitted your form and visuals, one of our estimators, either Kurt or Lucas, will review your submission. They may reach out to you to:

Request More Information: If there are details or specifics that need clarification, they’ll give you a call to discuss further.

Provide Your Quote: In many cases, based on the clarity and detail of the information provided, they might already have your quote ready!

Why Choose Cascade Fence & Deck?

At Cascade Fence & Deck, we focus on providing a value driven experience. By following the outlined steps, you can speed up the quote process and receive an estimate that matches your specific requirements. We aim to make the process of getting a new fence straightforward and stress-free, saving more time and headache than the traditional quoting process. In the meantime you can check out our Fence Calculator and get an idea of a typical price range for your fence. If you’re ready to get started you can contact us here

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