What’s the Cascade Fence and Deck Process?

At Cascade Fence and Deck, the focus is to ensure each project is handled with precision and care, from the initial design to the final installation. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the full project process.

Step 1: Project Design & Scope Agreement

The journey begins with agreeing on the project design and scope. At this stage, a 50% down payment is made, and the contract is signed, marking the start of your project.

Step 2: Project Portfolio Creation

In about three to five days the office team will set up your project portfolio. These documents are then handed over to your Project Manager, who will construct an estimated timeframe for installation and, if possible, set a tentative schedule date.

Step 3: Estimator to Project Manager Handoff

The Project Manager schedules an on-site meeting that includes the estimator and the homeowner. This step is crucial for transferring all relevant project details directly to the project manager and crew that will build the project.

Step 4: Job Scheduling

The goal is to stick with the original schedule agreed upon at the start. However, this is subject to change only if unforeseen material or schedule delays occur.

Step 5: Deep Dive into the Project Portfolio

For about 7 to 9 days, the Project Manager immerses themselves in the project through detailed portfolio reviews and site visits. This phase includes the creation of a new video from the engineers’ point of view, sending the project plan for review, making necessary adjustments, and finalizing material lists and drawings.

Step 6: Ordering Project Materials

The purchasing team orders all necessary materials for your project, updates the job status, and adjusts the schedule sheet accordingly. They also alert the scheduler to any material status delays to keep everything on track.

Step 7: Staging and Fabrication

Upon receiving the material lists, the shop team stages all available materials and fabricates any necessary parts or gates needed for your project.

Step 8: Installation Begins

The crew assigned to your project prepares by reviewing all plans, checklists, and proposals. They ensure they fully understand every detail of the project before starting the installation. During this phase, another 25% of the original contract price is due, and the office team reaches out to collect this payment.

Step 9: Project Completion

The project is constructed according to the plan, with daily check-ins and a final walkthrough with the homeowner to ensure satisfaction. Upon completion, the project foreman finalizes all paperwork and communicates with the office to confirm the project’s success and the homeowner’s happiness. The final invoice is then issued through email for the remaining payment.

Cascade Fence and Deck’s process focuses on transparency and efficiency throughout the entire project, ensuring every customer is fully informed and satisfied from start to finish. Whether you are looking to install a new deck, fence, patio cover, sauna or dock, you can trust that Cascade has your back.

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