What will my sprinkler do to my fence?

Sprinklers are sneaky buggers, with both pressurized water and low angles they can manage to get water into places where the rain just can’t reach. This can cause damage over time due to rot and mildew if not properly handled, and should be considered when designing your new fence.

If you have a vinyl fence or a chain-link fence you’re in luck! These non-wood fences have a tendency to laugh at water rather than suffer any grief. However, try as they might, even vinyl fences can’t hold off mold or mildew forever, especially in an environment of constant moisture. If you see it growing, mildew and mold can be easily cleaned off.

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Now if you have a beautiful cedar or other wood fence, well you’ll have to start taking water a bit more seriously. While cedar is naturally water and mold resistant, it’s not unconquerable. With proper care, a wood fence will hold up against Portland rain for years, however if it’s consistently pummeled with water, even through the dry seasons (do we have those?) mold and rot will set in. This is the same reason we recommend keeping bushes and other plants two or more feet away from the fence.

  • Avoid spraying the fence directly
  • In-ground sprinkler systems should be 24-36 inches from the fence line
  • Keep bushes and other plants 2 or more feet away
  • Maintain regularly (read more)

With those basic rules applied, your fence will last for years to come.

Is your fence already suffering from rot? Learn more about our Vinyl fence options, or reach out to us to get a new project started.