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How our Virtual Fence Quotes work

Now more than ever it can be difficult to get fence installation quotes. It can take weeks to get a contractor to show up for a quote, before even finding out a timeline to get the work done. That’s why we offer virtual fence quotes, which allow you to quickly get answers and pricing for your project.

How does it work?

Instead of waiting for an estimator to visit your home, our virtual fence quotes happen on a video call with a project planner. They will “walk the fence” with you via video call, noting the important details needed to provide an accurate quote.

While on the call with you, your project planner will use online mapping software to measure the fence line. This enables them to provide you with pricing information in real time. If you’re happy with the price and ready to get started, you can receive a proposal and get on the schedule same day, saving you weeks of waiting.

Are virtual fence quotes accurate?

We use the Google Maps measure tool to measure your fence line. Google Maps uses GPS technology and satellite imagery, and has proven to be highly accurate. In third-party tests, the Google Maps measurement tool measurements are comparable to professional surveying tools used on-site.

While Google Maps measurements may be accurate, that is only useful if the measurement is taken from the correct points. For this reason we have a team member confirm measurements on site before you commit to your project. This way, you always know exactly what you’re getting and what it will cost.

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