Benefits of Metal Fence Posts

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What Are Galvanized Steel Fence Posts?

Galvanized steel fence posts are durable steel supports that have been coated with zinc to prevent rust. This type of fence post enhances the strength and longevity of cedar fences. Steel is stronger than wood posts. It stands up to high winds. It won’t rot, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Will Steel Posts Detract From the Look of a Wood Fence?

Cascade Fence and Deck uses PostMaster steel posts. Unlike standard metal posts, PostMaster supports can be camouflaged within any of our cedar fence designs. The steel is generally hidden between and behind fence boards. The posts will work on privacy fences, rail fences and nearly any type of wood fence design. When the fence is complete, you’ll see only beautiful, natural wood.

What About Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure treated wood has been used for decades in both residential and commercial fences. The wood resists rot because it’s treated with a compound of fungicides and pesticides. Manufacturers of pressure-treated wood in 2003 agreed to quit using compounds that contain arsenic. Arsenic is a poison. It can leach into soil and rub off on people.

Today’s pressure treated wood doesn’t contain arsenic. This type of wood is ideal for certain applications. However, for fence posts, steel is preferred because it lasts longer. Cascade only buys pressure treated lumber from vendors that use environmentally responsible methods.

Are Steel Posts Safe for Gardens?

Steel and cedar are a good choice for garden fences. They’re safe for home vegetable gardens and certified organic gardens.

Cedar is a natural material. It isn’t treated with chemicals. It wards off both rot and insects by the natural compounds inherent in the wood.  Wood isn’t ideal for fence posts. Even cedar and pressure treated wood tends to rot when buried in the soil.

Products can’t be certified USDA organic if they’re grown in soil that comes in contact with pressure treated wood. While many people agree that today’s pressure treated lumber is safe, organic certification has stringent restrictions on chemically treated products.

How Does the Cost of Steel Fence Posts Compare to Wood?

PostMaster steel fence posts cost more initially than wood fence posts. Steel posts won’t rot. They can also keep a wood fence from warping or falling during a windstorm. Metal supports don’t have the maintenance and repair costs associated with wood.

PostMaster steel posts don’t require brackets. They come with pre-punched holes for quick installation. Standard metal posts use more fasteners, adding to the cost of the posts and diminishing the look of a wood fence. When everything is stacked up, steel posts provide excellent long-term value.

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