Deck Building Is Better in the Winter

While the idea of embarking on a deck, fence or patio cover project during the winter might seem unconventional, there are distinct advantages to building decks in the colder months. From cost savings to faster construction timelines, the winter season presents unique opportunities for homeowners and builders alike. Let’s explore six compelling reasons why deck building is better in the winter.

Quick Lead times:

In the summer months it is not uncommon to see lead times reach out to 3-6 months. Most people wait until spring to get their projects lined up, but at that time it can often be too late as we get booked fast. The winter time presents lead times of around 2-4 weeks which means your project won’t have to wait so long.

Cost Savings on Materials:

Building materials often see a decrease in demand during the winter, leading to potential cost savings for homeowners. Lumber prices, in particular, may be more favorable, allowing budget-conscious individuals to capitalize on discounted materials and reduce overall project expenses.

Faster Permit Processing:

Municipal building departments typically experience lower workloads during the winter months. With fewer construction projects to review, the processing time for permits tends to be faster. Homeowners can navigate the bureaucratic hurdles more efficiently, expediting the start of their deck construction.

Pricing and discounts:

As a company, it is incredibly important for us to ensure our guys have work year-round. We are a family here and will do whatever it takes to ensure our crews stay busy through the winter months. We will often have discounts through the winter so you have the opportunity to save big!

Early Utilization of Your Deck:

Building a deck in the winter means it will be ready for use as soon as spring arrives. Homeowners won’t have to wait until the height of construction season to start enjoying their outdoor space. By completing the project during the winter, individuals can maximize their deck’s utility and entertainment value.

Plants are Dormant          

A benefit many people don’t consider is that the plants will be dormant while we are working in your backyard. In the spring we can see plant damage do to us having to work in and around the gardens and flowerbeds.  


Ready to build? We would love to help you out with your next outdoor space. Rain, snow, or shine!

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